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1. Now people use the word Ms instead of Miss or Mrs before the name of in business letters.

A. woman manager B. women manager

C. woman managers D. women managers

2. The children cooked some by burning and branches.

A. potatos…leaves B. potatoes…leafs

C. potatos…leafs D. potatoes…leaves

3. The young students like and Mark novels very much.

A. Dickens…Twain’s B. Dickens’… Twain

C. Dickens’s…Twain’ D. Dickens’…Twain’s

4. film includes some recently discovered newsreels of World War II.

A. The; the B. A; the C. The; 不填 D. A; 不填

5. Although he had studied very hard, John had hope of passing the exam.

A. little B. any C. a little D. some

6. It was terrible. One passenger was killed, and was badly hurt.

A. the others B. rest C. the other D. the rest

7. The jacket doesn’t fit Terry, as he has huge body and the jacket is small.

A. such a; such B. such a; so C. so; so D. so; such a

8. Traveling in England, it will be cheaper if you buy a return ticket on the train.

A. more B. very C. quite D. even

9. “Must I return the book to the library in a week?” “No, you .”

A. couldn’t B. mustn’t C. needn’t D. won’t

10. “Why isn’t John in class?” “He be sick, or he’d have been here already.”

A. should B. may C. must D. would

11. I don’t want you to pay for me. I’ll pay for ______.

A. mine B. me C. myself D. my own

12. Although he had not studied very hard, John had ______ hope of passing the exam.

A. little B. any C. a little D. some

13. Lisa did not come for the piano lesson yesterday. She have missed the bus.

A. would B. might C. should D. ought to

14. Why is the rubbish still here? It ought to yesterday.

A. be thrown away B. have thrown away C. have been thrown away

D. throw away

15. We a walk when it started to rain.

A. take B. took C. are taking D. were taking

16. The last time I here, she at a medical college.

A. was visiting; studied B. visited; studies

C. visited; was studying D. was visiting; was studying

17. I’m sure that he’ll appreciate the chance to him. He really wants to visit your country.

A. to be given B. is given C. giving D. to give

18. In order to get to Peter’s house early I had his secretary _____ a map for me..

A. to draw B. draw C. drawn D. drawinging

19. Don’t worry. Philip is quite used to in such busy streets as this.

A. drive B. be driving C. have driven D. driving

20. “I usually go to work by bus.” “Why not by bike for a change?”

A. trying to go B. try going C. to try going D. try go

21. It’s no use your chickens before they are hatched.

A. counting B. count C. to count D. of counting

22. Tired of the cold weather, Mr. and Mrs. Smith are considering to the south.

A. to move B. moving C. move D. to be moving

23. The dog ______ in a terrible condition when we found it.

A. is B. has been C. would be D. was

24. The boy will soon settle down once he ______ to know the others in the class.

A. will get B. is getting C. got D. gets

25. My wife is planning to have the furniture light green.

A. Paint B. Painting C. to paint D. painted

26. for several times, Bill made up his mind not to watch late night movies any more.

A. To be scolded B. To have been scolded

C. Being scolded D. Having been scolded

27. All those to go to the football match, please raise your hands.

A. will wish B. wish C. wishing D. wished

28. with the size of the whole earth, the highest mountain does not seem high at all.

A. Comparing B. To compare C. Compared D. Having compared

29. There was a knock at the door. It was the second time I that evening.

A. interrupted B. was interrupting C. had interrupted D. had been interrupted

30. He was in poverty at the time, he wouldn’t have accepted the money.

A. However B. Therefore C. Otherwise D. Then

答案:1-5:DDDCA 6-10:CBDCC 11-15:CDBCD 16-20:CABDB 21-25:ABDDD 26-30:DCCDC


1. Not only you but also I mistaken.

A. am B. had C. were D. have

2. Hardly the door when he rushed into the office out of breath.

A. I opened B. did I open C. I had opened D. had I opened

3. Not until the early years of the 19th century what heat is.

A. man knew B. didn’t man know C. man did know D. did man know

4. Ten days long enough for Mr Carter to finish his design. He doesn’t need any more.

A. is B. has been C. was D. had been

5. Try your best ______ you’ll certainly succeed this time.

A. so B. and C. or D. for

6. I’m sure he understands ______ you feel. He’s very clever.

A. when B. what C. whether D. how

7. I visited Jiuzhaigou last autumn. Never in my life so beautiful a place like that.

A. I had seen B. did I see C. had I seen D. I shall see

8. lovely weather we have been having these days?

A. How B. What C. How a D. What a

9. Lets do the cleaning right after class, ?

A. will you B. shall we C. do you D. can we

10. “Have you seen Ann at the concert?” “No, but she said she would come, ?”

A. didn’t she B. wouldn’t she C. did she D. would she

11. We can easily get from the computer has been stored in it.

A. what B. that C. which D. anything

12. This is the only English-Chinese dictionary could be found in the teachers’ reading-room.

A. what B. which C. it D. that

13. I’d like to join the tennis club which my friend belongs.

A. to B. for C. with D. in

14. I asked two people to help me start my car, but ____ of them knew what to do.

A. either B. none C. both D. neither

15. We’re all looking forward to seeing you again, and we’ll be very disappointed if you .

A. didn’t come B. don’t come C. won’t come D. hadn’t come

16. When Lenin in Europe he began to fulfill his plans step by step at once.

A. got B. arrived C. reached D. went

17. Please be sure to telephone me next time you ______ to our city.

A. will come B. come C. came D. are coming

18. The boy ______ the hole with water, but no rabbits ran out of it at all.

A. poured B. added C. filled D. covered

19. The nurse his temperature at twelve o’clock and then gave him some medicine.

A. counted B. measured C. had D. took

20. All the big buildings in the city were into hospitals during the Second World War.

A. become B. turned C. grown D. made

21. This plan against my wishes, so I won’t agree with you unless you made some changes in it.

A. goes B. comes C. fights D. think

22. It took them more a whole day to have their house painted. But it was worth the effort.

A. and more B. or less C. or more D. than that

23. With five hungry children round the table, the little food in the plate disappeared .

A. for a long time B. on time C. in time D. in no time

24. He seemed to have earned a great of money during the years. He bought another new car.

A. lot B. many C. much D. deal

25. People shouted at him, yet he silent all the time.

A. remained B. went C. turned D. grew

26. I met the new manager this morning and we basic policies.

A. looked on B. got on C. agreed on D. agreed with

27. They couldn’t what the teacher was trying to explain.

A. know B. grasp C. hold D. think

28.The dancer and singer 24 years old, and I am 24.

A. is B. are C. was D. were

29. Philip ______ her invitation to go to her farm for his holiday because he was too busy.

A. received B. accepted C. refused D. got

30. The young people in the city often come to the old man to ______ him for advice.

A. beg B. ask C. offer D. invite


1-5:ADDAB 6-10:DCBBA 11-15:ADADB 16-20:BBCDB 21-25:ABDDA 36-40:CBACB


1. It is well known that Tomas Edison __________ the electric lamp.

A. discovered B. Found C. developed D. invented

2. I couldn’t enter the lab because I had ____________ the key in my office.

A. taken B. left C. missed D. got

3. I regret ____________ you that we are unable to offer you employment.

A. informing C. to inform

B. having informed D. to have informed

4. The chairman has informed us that he ____________a few minutes late after the meeting begins.

A. has arrived C. could arrive

B. should arrive D. may arrive

5. She had made __________many mistakes in the article that we couldn’t catch what she meant.

A. such B. that C. so D. as

6. I sincerely ____________him to make great progress with his new job in a short tine.

A. expect B. believe C. think D. instruct

7. Is ____________ necessary to complete the design before National Day?

A. this B. that C. it D. such

8. She said she would live in London for ____________ four or five years.

A. another B. others C. other D. the others

9. Mr. Smith used to smoke ____________but he has given it up now.

A. badly B. seriously C. heavily D. hardly

10. Thousands of people took part in when the old temple ____________.

A. was rebuilding C. would be rebuilt

B. was being rebuilt D. had been rebuilt

11. ____ with each other, two systems can work better.

A) When combine C) When combined

B) When combining D) When they combined

12. It's important that everyone ____ here on time.

A) is B) will be C) must be D) be

13. The stormy weather gradually gave _____ to a period of sunshine.

A) room B) way C) space D) place

14. I could not do anything except just _____ for him to come round.

A) waiting B) to wait C) waited D) wait

15. I can't _____ the sight of that poor man.

A) suffer B) endure C) bear D) put up

16. Wang Ming ____ ill. I saw him playing basketball a moment ago.

A) needn't have been C) couldn't have been

B) must have been D) can't be

17. ____ that her son had fallen from a tree and broken his leg, she hurried back home.

A) Having been told C) Having told

B) Telling D) To be told

18. At present ____ than doing well in our socialist economic construction.

A) nothing is more important C) much is more important

B) nothing is less important D) anything is more important

19. Give up smoking, ____ you will have a good health.

A) or B)and C) so that D) otherwise

20. Taking her doctor's advice, she has now ____ on smoking.

A) cut up B) cut out C) cut off D) cut down


【1.D 2.B 3.C 4.D 5.C 6.A 7.C 8.A 9.C 10.B】

【11.C 12.D 13.B 14.B 15.C. 16.C 17.A 18.A 19.B 20.D】


1. I wish I could _B____ some way of persuading him out of smoking.

A) think of B) think about C) think up D) remind

2. You should _ A__ your desk before you leave the office.

A) clear up B) set up C) get off D) put out of

3. Mr. Green is helping his daughter review her lessons, _D____ his wife is preparing supper.

A) at the moment B) in the meantime C) at that time D) for the same period of time

4. I __C__ getting plenty of morning exercises but I just can't get up early.

A) have the confidence in C) put my faith to

B) believe in D) place the trust at

5. The old man is proud of his three sons ___A__ college in the same year.

A) entering B) entered C) to enter D) for entering

6. Words are to a language _A____ bricks are to a building.

A) as B) which C) what D) that

7. We don't accept the unequal treaties that the imperialists__D___ us.

A) pressed on B) set upon C) put up on D) imposed on

8. __B__, the students had to go to bed.

A) The lights had gone out C) The lights went out

B) The lights having gone out D) The lights have gone out

9. We can see things happen at the exact moment _B__ they are happening

A) which B)as C) what D)that

10. They paid fines of $300 each, _C__ about two months' wages.

A) approximating B) reaching C) equal to D) the same as

11. Your mother has left your clothes there _C___ for you to wash yourself.

A) with a purpose C) on purpose

B) on aim D) with an aim

12. The classroom is quite clean __A___ some waste paper on the floor.

A) except for C) except

B) besides D) without

13. I __A___ her for your girlfriend when I first saw her in your home.

A) figured B) thought C) considered D) regarded

14. We should never be frightened out of our wits __B___ an earthquake.

A) being up with C) in the front of

B) in the face of D) ahead of

15. Having been sanctioned (制裁) by the United Nations, Iraq has almost been _D____ the outside world.

A) cut ...out C) kept apart ... of

B) separated ... away D) isolated ... from




1. A. anything

B. many

C. animal

D. ate

2. A. dollar

B. polite

C. pocket

D. honest

3. A. breath

B. mouth

C. breathe

D. cloth

4. A. over

B. open

C. often

D. only

5. A. beg

B. climb

C. job

D. lab


6. The old man says if you run after two hares (野兔) , you'll catch __________.

A. both

B. any

C. neither

D. either

7. Can you do it __________ than that? Our clients expect the

A. any better; best

B. the best; best

C. any better; better

D. the best; better

8. It seemed __________ that anyone should be unhappy on such a beautiful morning.

A. important

B. impossible

C. possible

D. usual

9. She hasn't come yet. Her watch __________ have stopped. I will go and wake her up.

A. should

B. could

C. can

D. must

10. She said Mr. Baker __________ to buy a new car because he his old one. It cost him 3,000 dollars.

A. has; had lost

B. had; has lost

C. had; had lost

D. has; has lost

11. How can we ever do anything if we always __________ among ourselves?

A. talk

B. discuss

C. quarrel

D. shout

12. Turn off the main road here __________ you will come to the lake.

A. so

B. and

C. but

D. or

13. __________ he is thinking about now is not her health, but her safety.

A. That

B. What

C. Whatever

D. Which

14. The little boy wanted to __________ up his hand to ask the teacher a question, but dared not.

A. hang

B. wake

C. lift

D. hold

15. __________ was expected, he performed the task with success.

A. Which

B. That

C. It

D. As

16. __________ as a writer, I don't like him as a man.

A. As I admire him much

B. How ! admire him much

C. How nuch I admire him

D. Much as I admire him

17. She __________ some time trying to figure out what they would be doing.

A. cost

B. takes

C. paid

D. spent

18. He didn't give up smoking although he knew he __________.

A. ought to do

B. needn't do

C. ought to

D. needn't

19. The story of the film is __________ and the music is to the ear.

A. excited; pleased

B. exciting; pleasing

C. excited; pleasing

D. exciting; pleased

20. They decided to __________ the meeting until after Christmas.

A. put, away

B. put, down

C. put, off

D. put, up



Many people believe that Americans love their cars almost more than anything else. They are 21 about cars. Not only is the car the 22 means of transportation in the States, it has 23 become a "plaything".24 the time youngsters become fourteen years old or even 25, they are likely to start 26 of having their own cars.

In the USA, the 27 family, if the father is not 28 work, can afford to buy a new car every five years. However, many young people 29 after school in order to save money to buy a car. Learning to drive and getting a driver license may be one of the most exciting 30 of a young person's life. Driver 31 is one of the most popular courses. At the end of the course the student will 32 a driving test for a license.33 many, that piece of paper means that they have grown up.

In the United States, many men and women 34 to have cars. People use cars to go to work.35 drive cars to go shopping, to take the children to school or for other activities.

21. A. crazy

B. careful

C. sure

D. wonderful

22. A. quickness

B. closest

C. basic

D. scientific

23. A. already

B. just

C. even

D. also

24. A. From

B. By

C. At

D. Until

25. A. later

B. earlier

C. less

D. more

26. A. fond

B. imagining

C. wishing

D. dreaming

27. A. most

B. standard

C. average

D. rich

28. A. at

B. from

C. out of

D. for

29. A. work

B. look

C. seek

D. graduate

30. A. times

B. skills

C. news

D. successes

31. A. club

B. experience

C. training

D. test

32. A. make

B. hold

C. pass

D. take

33. A. For

B. So

C. Too

D. As

34. A. used

B. need

C. ought

D. dear

35. A. Couples

B. Woman

C. Husbands

D. Housewives



第1题 选出下列选项中划线部分读音不同的选项(  )

A.mental B.metal C.total D.metallic


第2题 选出下列选项中划线部分读音不同的选项(  )

A.thanks  B.pills  C.news  D.films


第3题 选出下列选项中划线部分读音不同的选项(  )

A.elction  B.pronuciation  C.question  D.operation


第4题 选出下列选项中划线部分读音不同的选项(  )

A.dear B.heart C.ear D.tear


第5题 选出下列选项中划线部分读音不同的选项(  )

A.manage B.matter C.madam D.many


二、词汇与语法知识(15 points)

第6题 Johnson,my father’s younger brother,will not be at the picnic, __________to the family’S disappointment.

A.more B.much C.too much D.much more


第7题 The burglar was caught__________.

A.while he left the house B.when he was left the house

C.as he was leaving the house D.as soon as he was leaving the house


第8题 “Look,your wife has just come in.”“______”

A.So she did B.So did she C.So has she D.So she has


第9题 Government officials should always__________in mind the pople’s needs.

A.carry B.take C.train D.bear


第10题 I'like to take__________of this opportunity to thank you all for your coopera-tion.

A.profitl B.benefit C.advantage D.interest


第11题 It is quite necessary for a teacher to have good manners and__________ knowledge.

A.extensive B.expensive C.intensive D.expressive


第12题  Susan wants to know whether the measures have been agreed__________.

A.to B.with C.over D.on


第13题 Would you please tell me__________to do next?

A.how B.what C.which D.whatever


第14题 We should look__________the matter before we reach a conclusion.

A.into B.for C.to D.at


第15题 Every officer and every soldier__________obey the rules.

A.had to B.have to C.has to D.must have to


第16题 She’S fainted.Throw some water on her face and she may soon__________.

A.come around B.come again C.come back D.come on


第17题 Having been found guilty,the man was given a severe__________by the judge。

A.crisis B.crime C.sentence D.service


第18题 __________the sun is the central body of the solar system so the nucleus is the core of the atom.

A.When B.If C.Now that   D.Just as


第19题 The sports team of our province won__________they did at the last National Games.

A.twice as many gold medals as B.as many twice gold medals as

C.as many as twice gold medals D.twice many gold medals than


第20题 The Speech was not interesting.Most of the people present began to move about __________

A.impatient B.impatiently C.impatience D.patiently