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  Section 1






  1. Working location: Jamieson Island

  2. Starting date: 11 July

  3. Job vacancies: waiter and reporter

  4. Need to have experience with children

  5. Skills required: sing

  6. Must be able to drive

  Benefit for employees:

  7-8. offer free transport and meals

  9. Interview appointment is on Thursday

  10. Qualifications: bring a CV and photos



  Section 2






  11-15)Multiple Choice

  11. The walk is organized specifically for

  A. extremely fit people

  B. parents with their children

  C. tourists unfamiliar with the local area

  12. The maximum number of the people in the walk will be

  A. 220

  B. 250

  C. 280

  13. The organizer would stop walkers if

  A. They arrive without waterproof clothes

  B. They are causing problem

  C. They are unable to answer basic safety questions

  14. The walk was canceled two years previously because of

  A. illness in the organizing team

  B. Very stormy weather

  C. Problems getting proper help

  15. Badges can be obtained

  A. only when they have been ordered before the walk

  B. immediately have completed the walk

  C. one week after the walk has finished


  What suggestions does Peter give about the walk?

  A. Walkers are advised to have this

  B. Walkers can have this if they wish

  C. Walkers are advised NOT to have this


  16. a pair of thick trousers-A

  17. a mobile phon-B

  18. a torch-C

  19. something to drink-B

  20. a rucksack-A



  Section 3








  Section 4



  主题:Evaluation on Architectural Design



  31. The determining factor is the success of design

  32. Designers need to think and combine the historical and social influence

  33. The authority should consider the planning carefully

  34. Also take into consideration of the weather/climate influence

  35. When designing a building, the skills of the architect is also very important

  36. Choice of materials of building (wood, steel, concrete, masonry)

  37. Within the budget and pay attention to the building cost

  38. Need to consider the emotional effect on local residents

  39. Buildings should go well with the environment (Sustainable building is a rapidly growing practice)

  40. Experts should do a comprehensive analysis of the geological features of the chosen site.





  Describe a kind of food people eat during a special event

  You should say:

  What it is

  What event people usually eat it

  How it is cooked/made

  Explain why it is for the special event


  1. 此题为17年part 2 老题describe a kind of foreign food you had before的一个变化题型,依旧是雅思口语考题中比较高频而常见的食物话题。

  2. 考生在准备中首先要认真从答题思路、词汇、语法点上去认真着手准备,就时态上而言,需要使用到的是一般现在时,需要注意到三单的变化形式,同时问题3需要使用到一般现在时的被动语态,除了要注意到结构be +done以外,还需要留意到动词的不规则变形及其发音。

  就思路方面,建议学生可以讲一些自己熟悉而且又容易扩展的食物,如春节的饺子(dumpling), 中秋节的月饼(mooncake), 端午节的粽子(Zongzi, a pyramid-shaped dumpling made of glutinous rice ),生日蛋糕或是圣诞节的Mulled Wine, Turkey, gingerbread。

  就第一问而言,还可以从食物出处(origin),受欢迎度(well-received)方面来扩展;就第二问而言考生除了从节日名称以外,还可以从该节日的日期,庆祝方式(简略带过),该节日的重要性方面扩展;而第三问难度稍大,需要考生描述该食物的制作过程,需要使用到连接词firstly, then, after that , next, during , when , in the meanwhile , eventually等来将食物烹饪过程进行清晰而又有条理地介绍,可以参考下面的词汇。而最后一问:该食物为何为该节日的特定食物,考生可以从该食物的意义,如象征团圆(family reunion),食物的美味,食物的传统等方面来进行扩展。


  A kind of food which is eaten during a special event must be Xizhoubaba, which is kind of combination of pancake and pizza.

  It is a must-take delicacy that Bai People, a typical ethnic group in China, take in their traditional Spring Festival. It’s a traditional Chinese festival which occurs on the 30th of December of the lunar calendar. On that day, they usually first have a big family dinner, and then they sit outside the house and enjoy X with different fillings, and various kinds of fresh fruits and local snacks.

  As for the steps of cooking, it’s not very complicated. First, the yeast, warm water, sugar, salt and lard are mixed well in a bowl, then the dough is kneaded for 3 to 4 minutes on the chopping board. When it is ready, some spring onions, meat, green peppers and salt are sprinkled over the top and it should be cooked in the oven for about 20minutes. When it is done, you can enjoy the appetizing pancake.

  As for the reason why it’s for the special event, I guess it’s mainly because of its round shape, which really carries positive meaning, in Chinese’s culture, roundness symbolizes family reunion that gathering together is a big deal here. No matter where you are, with or not with your families, on this day, you could just have a bite of X, the taste would be a spiritual comfort to heal your homesickness.

  Why do some people grow their own food these days ?



  Nowadays more and more people tend to grow food by themselves mainly because they have realized the drawbacks of purchasing food from supermarkets. Normally the ingredients bought in grocery store or supermarkets are far from fresh or less organic, let alone the nutrition value. But supposing that when people are eating food grown by themselves, not only will them have a sense of achievement but also will get rid of the risks of having genetic modified food. In a long term, growing food in person would be an unstoppable trend.

  What kinds of food are good for a party ?


  此类为part 3 较常见的类型分析题,考生除了从食物类型来准备外,还可以分不同的场景来进行分析,如生日聚会,化妆舞会,泳池派对等。

  I think it depends on the theme of the party. When it comes to birthday party or farewell party where people have to spend a lot of time eating by the table and catching up, some meat , salad, various desserts can’t be ignored. But when it comes to costume party or beach party where participants need to frequently walk around or dance or swim, they probably won’t want to eat anything heavy, under such a circumstance, maybe some light snacks like potato chips or nuts will be good enough.

  Do you think people should eat every meal with their family ?



  For the majority of people, having a meal on a daily basis with family is a luxury since it is really hard for us to squeeze time to get together with family members without the time occupied by heavy workloads or being distracted by mobile phones. For most of us, it’s not important what we eat, but it’s more important that we can completely unwind and escape the reality for a short while, enjoying family quality time. Despite the difficulty, I think everyone should try every means to have two or three meals with families each week since this can strengthen our family bonds and create harmonious domestic atmosphere.


  Passage 1







  可参考真题:C3T3P3:How does the biological clock tick?

  Passage 2







  可参考真题:C9T3P2:Tidal Power

  Passage 3







  可参考真题:C10T3P3:Beyond the blue horizon


  TASK 1




  1. 静态表格题没有时间变化,只有数据间的对比;

  2. 按照横向,纵向分类;

  3. 首先关注极值(值,最小值);


  主语+be+the highest/lowest, about/around +具体数据

  主语+be+具体数据,which + be+the highest/lowest

  4. 其次关注剩余数据(倍数/分数,差距,变化明显的数值)


  (2013.7.18)The table gives information about students' opinions on different aspects of courses they attended in a university in 2012.

  Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

  TASK 2

  New technologies have changed the way children spend their free time. Do you think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?




  TA/TR(key words):









  As the advent of technology, the era has been converted into an intelligent and virtual one. The trend influences many walks of life of children who have been getting used to the life with various electronic devices. However, the impacts and consequences of using technologies in kids’ spare time are considered cautiously.

  Gradually, there is no doubt that the new technology, especially like VR games and high-tech devices, becomes a significant entertaining method which most parents can afford and be willing to buy for their children, owning to the multi-functional, and stimulating character, which could inspire or even motivate the youth to think and create better than the traditional ways, cultivating good studying habits to prepare further education; beside, it is also an effective approach to know how the new technology would change the world. Additionally, almost all the students now are under the tremendous pressure brought by family and school; thus, if they have the opportunity to have access to the new technology, they would experience a different way to relax themselves.

  Unfortunately, the disadvantages of these new technologies are looming. Kids’ curiosity could drive them to keep playing such games, and comparing with the adults, young people who are immature and lack of self-discipline could be addicted easily; as a result, this kind of technology may contribute to the distraction in the study. Another drawback that should be blamed is that today’s technologies pay more attention to the personal development and involve a lot of individual work; by spending too much time on them, young students would prefer to stay alone, avoiding to communicate face to face as the essential social skills, which leads to the potential risk of being isolated and depressed for the younger generation.

  In conclusion, I do believe that the advanced technologies is the main trend for students to use in the future, and they need to learn how to master them well, while the disadvantages are alerting teachers and parents to think what the best is to supervise and guide the kids; improving the understanding of these technologies for both adults and children can be the only way to put them into good use.

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