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1. What should parents do to help their kids to develop money management

2. If your friend wins an award from his achievement, how would you
celebrate for him?

3. One of your friends has been working for ten years after graduation. Now
he is planning to return to the university to further study. From your
perspective, what kind of challenge or difficulty may he confront?

4. If you are going to have an interview with a famous person in your
community, which of the following people will you choose? Give detailed
information to support your answer and explain why.

1) A successful businessman

2) A famous professor

3) An artist

5. If your school wants to stop investing the following clubs, which one do
you suggest they choose?

1) Athletic clubs

2) Mathematical clubs

3) Academic clubs

6. There are some school funding raising events. If you have the
opportunity to attend one of these, which one of the following would you

1) Train with a professional sports team

2) Work behind a popular TV show

3) Work for a national government office

7. The university international office is going to hold a social event.
Which one of the following choices do you think is the best?

1) international food fair

2) international music festival

3) international film festival

8. There are several ways you can get to know a country without traveling
abroad. Which of the following ways would you like to choose?

1) Reading books

2) Watching videos

3) Joining online communication groups

9. Describe a behavior that many people may do in public that you find

10. Which of the following three would you choose to take?

1) Painting class

2) Science class

3) Mathematics

11. Your school decides to teach students time management and study habits.
Talk about the advantage and disadvantage of this.

12. If you have opportunities to do something for good causes, which of the
following would you choose?

1) distributing meals for needy people

2) helping children build playground

3) seeing people in hospital

12. If you are the group leader of a photography club, which of the
following three activities would you choose for your club members?

1) Taking them to a photography exhibition

2) Reading an essay about photography

3) Going on a field trip to take photos

13. Which of the following areas of current events do you most like to

1) Politics

2) Sports

3) Arts and films

14. Your friend has to work a lot. Please suggest a hobby help him spend
his weekend in a more delightful way. Explain why. Please include details and
examples in your explanation.

15. Your college friend wants to switch his bicycle to a car and he plans
to work part-time to earn the money. What advice do you have for him?

16. Recall an argument that you have ever had with others and describe the
details of the conflict.

17. Its hard for people to save money nowadays. What do you think are the
good methods to save money?

18. Which of the following methods do you think can help freshman students
learn about their campus?

1) Arrange a partner from sophomore students

2) Organize a campus tour

3) Set up a Q & A center

19. Your local community center wants to add some new workshops or programs
for children. Which of the following do you think would be the most beneficial
for childrens development?

1) Art craft workshop

2) Technology workshop

3) Athletic programs

20. When children perform well at school, parents tend to give them money
as reward. Talk about the advantage and disadvantage of this.


1. Some parents think they should protect students from making mistakes.
Some think they should let them make mistakes. What do you think?

2. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Parents should
not let children choose jobs (such as an athlete or an artist) which are
difficult to become successful.

3. Your friend doesnt take the class seriously. Now with the final exams
coming, he asks for your help. Yet you also have to prepare for your exams.
Under this circumstance, would you prefer to help him with his exam or prepare
for your own exam?

4. Some people believe that the library should be a place for students to
have meetings and discussions; while others believe that the library is supposed
to be a quiet place where students can focus on their study. Which one do you
prefer and why?

5. Many people think that students study course materials more effectively
by taking exams; while others think that students learn more effectively through
doing other activities such as writing paper or completing projects. Which do
you think is more effective for students to learn?

6. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Good teachers
admit they make mistakes or dont know something.

7. Do you agree or disagree with the statement? Its easier to teach
elementary school kids than college students.

8. Your school plans to set up a study hall for students to take a break
and do projects. Do you think this is a good idea or not?

9. Some people believe that we should not discuss about the private
activities of the popular people, like movie stars and singers. Do you agree?

10. To teach old people to use the computer in the community, which do you
think is better? To find a professional to teach them outside, or to find a
student to teach them at home?

11. Some people like to use smart phone or other navigational devices to
guide their road while traveling; some prefer to ask around. Which do you prefer
and why?

12. Your school is planning to ban library computers from accessing social
media websites. Do you agree or disagree with such a plan?

13. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Students should
take some additional courses so that they can get their credits more

14. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? The school
should teach students moral values.

15. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Being polite is
more important than being truthful.

16. Some teachers prefer to answer students questions while they are
delivering a lecture. Some teachers prefer to answer their questions when the
lecture is over. Which one do you prefer? Why?

17. When you disagree with your friends or family on certain things, would
you like to convince them or let them keep their own opinion?

18. Some people like participating in performance like theatrical or
musical show.Others prefer being audience watching those plays. Which one do you

19. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is a good
idea to get a job under the influence of other people.

20. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Employees
shouldnt send personal texts or emails during work hours.