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1.What do you think is the biggest challenge for a student when they study and how to solve that challenge?

2.If your friend is a forgetful person who always has trouble remembering important things like deadlines for school assignments.

What suggestions do you have for this friend of yours?

3.Some professors allow students to have exams at home, then bringing their test papers back to school to submit. From your perspective, can you talk about the advantage and disadvantage of this kind of examination?

4.Which of the following attributes would you consider the most valuable in your roommates?

1) being friendly

2) being quite

3) has a good hygiene habit

5.Which of the following do you think is the most important quality for an employee?

1) Performance during the interview

2) Previous work experience

3) Education background

6.Which of the following do you think the school should build to improve student life?

1) swimming pool

2) cafeteria

3) student dorm

7.Some professors prefer to give regular quizzes. Some prefer to give surprising quizzes. Please talk about the advantages and/or disadvantages of surprising quizzes.

8.When traveling, which of the following will you choose to better learn about a place?

1) walking on the street

2) taking an organized trip

3) visiting museum

9.Talk about one of the many characteristics your country has which you consider different from the features of other countries.

10.Your school decides to teach students time management and study habits. Talk about the advantage and disadvantage of this.

11.Which of the following library volunteer would you want to choose to do:

1) helping people find the right material

2) reading to kids

3) keeping bookshelves organized

12.Which of the following areas of current events do you most like to read?

1) Politics

2) Sports

3) Arts and films

13.Your friend is going to take a part-time job in college. Please describe the advantages and disadvantages of doing a part-time.

14.If your friend wants to open a restaurant, what advice can you give him?

15.Which of the following three activities do you prefer to do with a group of people rather than alone?

1) Eat a meal

2) listen to music

3) do homework

16.What should we do to help the elderly in our community?

17.Your friend is coming to your country for studying, but he or she is worried about the cost. What are the suggestions you can offer?

18.Which of the following methods do you think can help freshman students learn about their campus?

1)Arrange a partner from sophomore students

2) Organize a campus tour

3) Set up a Q & A center

19.Some universities do not allow students to watch TV in the dormitories. Talk about the advantage and disadvantage of students having TV in their dorms.

20.Your school decides to use electronic newspapers instead of paper ones. Talk about the advantage and disadvantage of this decision.


1.Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Parents should help their kids to solve problems.

2.Do you agree or disagree that it's acceptable for students to disagree with their instructors?

3.Do you agree or disagree that the boss should keep a close friendship with employees?

4.Which would you prefer: start a project as early as possible or wait until the deadline?

5.Should people be allowed to take photos when visiting a museum?

6.Some people think that with the development of technology and Internet, libraries will disappear; while others think libraries are always necessary. Which one do you agree? Please give specific details to support your opinion.

7.Some people prefer sending messages while others prefer making phone calls directly, which one do you prefer?

8.When having class discussion, some people prefer to give their opinions immediately. Others prefer to wait and listen to others opinions before giving their own. Which one do you think is better?

9.Some people prefer recording life by taking pictures or keeping diaries. Others prefer doing nothing. Which one do you prefer?

10.The school allows students to keep pets in their dorms. Do you think it is good or not?

11.Some kids like to play games outdoors, and some kids like to play inside their house. Which did you prefer when you were a kid? Why?

12.Some people like participating in performance like theatrical or musical show.Others prefer being audience watching those plays. Which one do you prefer?

13.Which do you prefer: working for others company or set up your own business?

14.A company plans to interview you. You can go to their company for the interview, but the company is far from where you live. Or you can have a telephone interview. Which do you prefer? Why?

15.Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Business conferences should meet in person instead of using video calls.

16.Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Employees shouldnt send personal texts or emails during work hours.

17.You live in a crowded city with only one green space-the city park. The government recently proposes to build a housing complex on this only green space. Do you think this is a good idea?

18.When your friend is about to take a visit to your house. Do you prefer them to inform you before their coming, or do you prefer a surprise visit?

19.Do you think we should settle disagreement in a humorous way or a serious way?

20.Some students think that they are graded by participating in the discussion class, while others think that they are graded only by written work, such as paper. Which opinion would you prefer and give your reasons.