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1. Talk about the advantage and disadvantage of being active on social

2. Should students be required to evaluate their professors at the end of
the semester?

3. Your professor asks you to help him with his research project, but on
that day you have promised your sister to attend her birthday party. How will
you choose?

4. Which of the following people can give most useful help in your future
career direction?

1) Teachers

2) Families

3) Friends

5. How should parents teach their kids to work with others?

6. If a foreign teacher comes to your country to teach high school student,
what suggestions will you give him for preparation?

7. Which of the following has the greatest impact on students life?

1) electronic books

2) smart phones

3) online courses

8. Suppose your friend is going to a job interview. What suggestions do you
have for him?

9. If your university is going to invite someone to give a speech, who do
you think they should invite? A businessman, a scientist or a politician?

10. Your friend has to work a lot. Please suggest a hobby that can help him
spend his weekend in a more delightful way. Explain why. Please include details
and examples in your explanation.

11. A lot of experienced and inexperienced climb mountains every year,
which one of the following adjectives would you use to describe this experience?
Adventurous, frightening or foolish?