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like a cat on hot bricks ȹϵ

like a turtle on its back ޲

lousy clichs ´ĵ

make a hit ͷ

master key Կ;ؼ

make my mouth water ʹҴ

need other's shoulder ϣõij˵İο

No money, no honey. ûǮ,а

neck and neck

no sweat û;ð

odds and ends Ĺ

on pins and needles ձ

off color 岻ˬ

once in a blue moon ѵ;

packed like sardines ӵɳͷһ

past master վտ

pain in the neck ˻

plain sailing һ˳;׾֮

pot calling the kettle black ʮЦٲ

put sb. in the ring ijһ

pipe course ׵Ŀγ̻

pull a long face

rain or shine

row in one boat ͬҵ;ͬ

royal road ȡóɹĽݾ

run of the town 䶯һʱ

salt of the earth / world м

shoe is on the other foot ղͬ

side money

second sight ˵Ԥ


sixth sense

sugar report

slowly but surely ȴ

spill the beans ¶

step on one's toes ŭij

Sunday dress ·

speak the same language ־ͬ

stay out O.P.B / other people's businessҪܱ˵

stand on one's own feet

take French leave Ƕ

talk big

take a back seat ĬĬŵĵλ

take one's hat off to ʾ

take things as they come ֮֮

Take it or leave it. ּۻӲ

talk of the town dzеĶ

talk through one's nose Դ

tall story ŵĹ

be the spirit е.

throw cold water on ˮ

Tom, Dick and Harry һ;ͨ

turn the tables Ťת

under the sun κεط

visit John ϲ

walking dictionary ֪ʶԨ

welcome to the party 㶮!

What's the catch? ʲô˼?

When in Rome do as the Romans do

white lie Ļ

with open arms һӭ


be all wet ȫ

be Greek to sb. ijȫ

big potato

Boys will be boys! !

couch potato մɳϿӵ

Easy come easy go! ȥҲ!

get no say Ȩ˵

got me there ס

Its a no-no! 򲻿!

leave sb. in the cold. ̫ijɨ

put oneself together! ӰѾ!

stick with sb ij

same old story һ

small potato С

Suit me fine! ̫ʺ

Thats your story! !

Time will tell! ʱ֤һ!

ups and downs ϲб

waste ones breath ׷Ѵ

weigh ones words þ

wheels within wheels ۸֮

win a name

window dressing ϲ

wishful thinking

worn to a shadow ƣ

wait on hand and foot д΢

watch ones Ps and Qs עСò

win / lose by a neck ΢С֮ʤ / ϧ

without fail һ