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ģһFavorite Room=desc ription:

My favorite room is my living room. Its rectangular with the door on the left side of the south wall. In the wall opposite the door is a picture window. Below the window is a sofa. A rectangular coffee table is in front of sofa. Facing the sofa are two armchairs. An abstract painting is on the west wall. This bright and uncluttered room is my best place to hide from outside world to make me relax, think freely, and live comfortably.

ģ Places of Interest/Attractions= Desc ription:

If Id had a chance to visit a place Ive never been to, I would like to go to Imperial Palace, which is also called Forbidden City in Beijing, the capital of China. In the heart of Beijing, it is the largest and most complete imperial palace and ancient building complex in China, and the world at large. Its construction began in 1406 and was completed 14 years later, having a history so far of some 580 years. Twenty-four emperors from the Ming and Qing (1644-1911) dynasties lived and ruled China from there. Most of the buildings in the Forbidden City were rebuilt many times, although they maintained the original architectural style. The reasons why I love there so much are based on the following aspects. First of all, the ancient buildings record the history path to tell us the legends of our ancestors, especially good for our young people to get familiar with our past. Furthermore, they are the symbols of Chinese traditional and rich culture. Last, they are standing there to make us understand our past; When we are facing the past, what we must do is to absorb the essence and discard the dregs.

ģ Restaurants and Caf

If I had to say what features of restaurant and caf I cared most, I would consider them from the following three angles. First of all, the food there must be very delicious and nutritious. I like something pretty from appearance and tasty from inside. It is better to taste it like my moms cuisine because it makes me feel I am the happiest in the world. Like hotpot. I feel good when I am having it. Second, the service there must be very considerate, which means, the waiters and waitresses there must be very nice and patient. Last, the atmosphere there must be very comfortable. Like the sofa there makes me feel at home and I can sit there for a whole day without tiredness. There better has some light music and quiet surroundings because I usually want to have a nice conversation with my friends. Those aspects Ive mentioned above are the standards I care when I choose to go to a restaurant.