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ṩӦOffers and responses

Can / Could / Shall I help you (with that)? ҿ԰/ Can/Could/ Shall I do...for you? ҿ԰.../ What can I do for you? Ϊʲô/ Would you like some/any help? ҪҪʲô/ Would you like me to do sth. for you? ҪҪʲô/ Would you like me to do sth. for you? ҪҪΪ... / Do you want me to... ? ҪҸ.../ Is there anything (else) I can do (for you)? ʲô£ҿΪЧ/ Let me do...for you. ......


Thank you. / Thanks a lot / Thank you very much. лл / Yes, please. / Thanks, please. õлл / Thank you for your help. ллİ


Thanks. That's very kind / good / nice (of you). лл̫


No, thanks. I can manage it myself. ллԼԶԸ / No, thank you, but I can do it myself. лл / No, I can do it, but thank you all the same. ҿԸлл / That's all right. Thank you. ûʲôлл


1. ҽѯʲʱij

What can I do for you? 㿴ʲô/ What's wrong / the matter / the trouble with you? ʲô/ Is there anything wrong with you? ʲô

2. ˵ʱij

I feel terrible / bad / ill sick. Ҹеܲ / I don't feel well. /I'm not feeling well. Ҹе / I'm not in good health. 岻 / There is something wrong with... ҵġë/ I have / have got... Ҿáʹ / My back / nose hurts / aches. ҵı / ʹ

3. ҽ˼ʱij

(Lie down and) let me exam you. £Ҽһ / Does it hurt here? ʹ

4. ҽ겡Բҽʱij

It's nothing serious. Ҫ / You'd better have a good rest. ܺúϢϢ

Take this medicine three times a day. ҩÿ / Drink plenty of water and have a good rest. ˮúϢ / You have a high temperature. 㷢/ ¸ / You'd better go to bed don't get up until you feel Better. ԴϢеһ / Take 2 pills now and 2 more in 4 hours' time. ڳ2Ƭҩ4Сʱٳ2Ƭ / I advise you (not) to... Ȱ㣨𣩡 / I suggest you... ҽ㡭 / You'll be well / all right soon. ͻ


1. It is raining / blowing / snowing, (isn't it?) / η / ѩ

It is + adj. / n. (today).

ӶĿ. "It is +adj. /n. (today)" мñݴʻӦʱ˵Yes, it is.

2. What's the weather like today? / What's the weather going to be like ...? 

Ͷѯǰѯʵѯδ like ӱʾδʱ״tomorrow, the day after tomorrow Ӧʱ˵It's fine / warm / cold / hot ... It's going to be fine / warm / cold / hot ...

"What's the weather like ...?" Ҳ "How is the weather...?" ˼ͬ